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Neos Metaverse is a revolutionary virtual community; a peer-to-peer, real-time collaboration platform for creators, educators and communities powered by the versatile Neos Engine.
Join the metaverse and join us on our mission to provide diversity, individuality & creative freedom.

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One platform, near-endless solutions.

Neos Metaverse - also known as NeosVR - has been designed to be a truly versatile and customizable creative environment complete with an innovative visual scripting language LogiX.

Leverage the power of Neos, build content with advanced editing tools, connect with the virtual community, explore countless ways of self-expression and accelerate your workflows through real-time virtual collaboration to create authentic immersive experiences.

Create. Inspire. Amaze.

Neos for creators

Whether you choose to make stunning art with brushes, material guns and shape tools - hanging your unique creations on the walls of your virtual home - or you prefer to have fun building jet packs, swinging ropes or gravity lifts, completely in-game and in real-time collaboration, Neos distinctive features enable you to explore the realms of true, real creative freedom. What’s more, custom animations, interactions and special effects can be effortlessly added with our powerful visual scripting language and tools.

Play. Share. Have Fun.

Neos for communities

Be whoever you want to be and roam the metaverse with friends from all over the world; experiment with advanced full-body tracking and haptic feedback, express yourself through dance & singing or pull off an epic break-dance battle. Neos Metaverse can connect you with your favorite artists and streamers and provide you with a powerful platform to participate in various meetings and events.

Educate. Simulate. Collaborate.

Neos for educators and businesses

Immersive experiences have a significant positive impact on memory retention and overall performance in both educational and business settings. Neos enables you and your audiences to experience the magnitude of the universe unraveling in front of you; allowing you to create accurate technical simulations and give lectures in your field of expertise.

Our Partners

Neos Credits

A purpose-built peer-to-peer digital currency

Neos Credits (NCR) is the official metaverse cryptocurrency of Neos, designed to serve our evolving community of creators and users.
A decentralized Neos Store market place powered by NCR will enable a rich in-game economy resulting in an even greater amount of content for users to enjoy and in a great way for creators to make a living by monetizing their awesome work.
To learn more about our mission, vision and tokenomics please read our whitepaper.

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Neos ICO

Batch Progress
5,000 NCR
Minting Batch: 448/500
Next Batch: +1.25% minting price
Total Progress
Minted via Ethereum:  36,956,705.74 NCR
Minted via Patreon: 1,985,046.20 NCR

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*By sending Ethereum to this address, you agree to all terms in the Neos Whitepaper.

Please don't send buy transactions directly from an exchange as potentially you will be unable to prove your NCR ownership.

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in one platform

Neos Metaverse has been engineered to revolutionize workflows in virtual collaboration and bring together communities online from all over the world. Creators, educators and global communities can build and distribute immersive experiences in a real-time virtual space. Neos is available in 20+ languages and supports a variety of virtual reality headsets as well as desktop mode so you can enjoy the gameplay wherever you are.

Use Neos as your VR and metaverse platform for games, learning, business and training. Explore your imagination.

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Accelerate time to production

Put a stop to tedious importing/exporting processes and import over 40 different 3D model formats and a variety of media with a mere click. Take advantage of Neos fluid export capabilities and move your creations into various 3D modeling applications and game engines.

Leverage the power of LogiX

Choose from the arsenal of creative tools, brushes and materials prepared by our community or build your own. With no-code, node based LogiX visual scripting system you can make your own tools, simulations and games right within VR.  

Ferociously dynamic, beautifully simple.
Meet Neos Engine.

Neos Engine is a state-of-the-art metaverse engine offering effortless multiplayer synchronization, content interoperability and content persistence thanks to its own advanced data model.
It gives our users the ability to load worlds dynamically, switch between them instantly and creators the power to build worlds without the use of a third party game engine or SDKs directly in Neos.  
Automatic interoperability between all parts of the system allows for powerful, often unforseen, interactions involving assets by multiple creators that weren't specifically designed to work together. It just works - like in real life.

Transforming virtual collaboration

Neos Metaverse enables users to create content and experiences in real time within VR and in collaboration with other people. Artists, designers, educators; communities or globally distributed teams can all build together in a virtual reality environment, run multiple sessions at the same time and access digital assets from any world.

Hardware agnostic performance

Neos is designed to work with the majority of VR headsets, as well as being able to switch to fully fledged desktop mode instantly - enabling you to spend more time creating and less time transitioning between environments and implementing SDKs. Thanks to our automatic content update process, your content remains fully functional in all future versions of Neos.

Your privacy is our priority

With an easy to use permission system you can restrict who can join and what others can do in your worlds. Private local P2P sessions give you peace of mind, knowing that you have full ownership and control over your data. You can optionally take advantage of the centralized Neos Cloud giving you the most convenient experience.

Advanced full body avatars

Our advanced avatar system allows for importing, building and customizing avatars completely in-game. Neos supports enhanced facial and body tracking, haptic feedback, interactive dynamic bones and a fully configurable, full body IK system with up to 11 tracking points so everyone can see and react to your facial expressions and body language; bringing you even closer to those you’re collaborating with.  

Metaverse Training Centre

Our team of volunteers from all over the world takes great pride in creating a welcoming and supportive onboarding experience. Neos Metaverse Training Center is a true hub of knowledge where you can learn anything from setting up your avatars, visual scripting or simply drawing inspiration from our gallery of creations.

For a full list of features please visit our Wiki

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Our virtual community grows stronger every day. We are committed to the continuous improvement of Neos and achieving the vision of creating a genuinely accessible virtual reality metaverse for everyone.

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Here's where we're going

Neos Masterplan

Our aim is to accelerate the transition to virtual collboration and to become a global platform of choice for everyone with their hearts in a mission for diversity, inclusivity and democracy, serving as an inspiration and example to the rest of the world.

Neos Masterplan

Our aim is to accelerate the transition to virtual collboration and to become a global platform of choice for everyone with their hearts in a mission for diversity, inclusivity and democracy, serving as an inspiration and example to the rest of the world.

A full roadmap is available at GitHub

Our mission and story

Our aim is to accelerate the transition to virtual collaboration and to become a global platform of choice for everyone with a passion for diversity and inclusivity serving as an inspiration and example to the rest of the world.

Neos started as a virtual reality educational app and educational pilot project called World of Comenius at a grammar school that over time evolved into a full-scale metaverse engine. The very first educational demo enabled users to view human anatomy, play with atoms, force fields and robots.

Soon it became clear that the key to a truly useful and organized immersive experience was user interaction and content persistency - and that is how Neos, as a social metaverse, emerged. Thanks to funding from various investors and our very supportive community, Neos has grown into a versatile, feature-rich metaverse platform complete with its own cryptocurrency and continues to change the landscape of virtual reality experiences.

Current development roadmap is available at GitHub